Get Involved!!

How can I help?

The Tuscaloosa Children’s Center, Inc. is currently seeking dedicated volunteers to help with on-site tasks and special events/projects. For those of you who are interested in working directly with children, please be aware that due to the nature of services and issues of confidentiality, working directly with the children at TCC is not possible. However, the benefits to the children made by your contributions are limitless. The following article describes possible ways in which you can get involved. For more information on these descriptions or for other questions and suggestions, please call the Center at (205)-752-7711.

Administrative volunteers are needed to assist Ebony and Iris in the day-to-day duties of the Center and will play a vital role in its ongoing growth. Duties of administrative volunteers may include, but are not limited to: organizing files and databases; developing forms; updating the website, newsletter, and other publications; answering the phones when needed; and keeping the mailing list for TCC up-to-date. Those interested in donating their time to administrative duties should expect to volunteer at the Center at least ten hours a week.

What if I can't make a weekly commitment?

For those who cannot complete a weekly commitment, there are still volunteer options for special projects/events. These volunteers will work as needed, and can assist in tasks such as house projects, (cleaning, painting, restoration); organizing storage areas; and developing new ways to gather funding. Volunteers with experience in grant writing can also be of use.

How else can I help?

All services provided are free of charge regardless of the client's ability to pay. Volunteers that would rather donate items can find a list for the Center here. In addition to those items, please note that monetary donations will help us ensure that our services continue to be free of charge.